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The BRITISH BOOT COMPANY Ltd is a shoe shop in Camden Town in London, famous for being one of the first shops to sell Dr. Martens.

Over the last few decades most brands and competitors moved their production to the Far East to save money. Meanwhile we remained committed to our focus on English made quality footwear made by trusted factories and family businesses we have been working with since the start.

With over 400 styles of Solovairs, Grinders, Loakes, original George Cox Creepers, etc, we have an unrivaled collection of boots, shoes and creepers. Many of the styles we carry are hand made here in the UK for our shop only.

Ever since the 70s we have had lots of famous bands and artists shopping with us. In the last few years we have seen a new generation of musicians, celebrities and models coming into our shop alongside our much valued regulars. We also notice how Vogue and other fashion houses are contacting us more than ever. We will not bore you with name dropping but we are pleased to acknowledge that our products are more in demand than ever. Browse around our online shop or come and see us in Camden, we look forward to seeing you.


The BRITISH BOOT COMPANY Ltd, formerly known as HOLTS, is a shoe shop in Camden Town in London, famous for being one of the first retailers to sell Dr. Martens footwear in 1958. You can actually trace the shop all the way back to 1851 when it supplied hobnail boots to the predominantly Irish workers who lived in Camden back then, making it one of the oldest shoe shops in the world.The foto opposite shows Holts which later became "The British Boot Company" back in 1990.

In the late 1970s the shop became a Mecca for skinheads and punk rockers who would travel far to get their Docs and Solovairs from this iconic shop. Sometimes the shop's charismatic owner, Alan Roumana, would allow customers he liked to write the name of their bands or crews on the wall in the shop. To this day you can still see these greetings from a bygone era along with some more recent contributions.

Around this time Alan formed a close association with the local band NORTH LONDON SPACE INVADERS who went on to become the legendary pop band MADNESS. Not only did the band buy their footwear from the shop, they also featured the shop in several of their videos. Famous bands such as THE SEX PISTOLS, THE BUZZCOCKS, THE CLASH (seen in the foto on the left)  and UK SUBS all became regular customers.

After all this time the business is still in the same family. Dedicated as ever to supply stylish high quality footwear to our loyal customer base around the world.The business became a limited company in June 2012 and is registered under the name "The British Boot Company Ltd".


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